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College and Careers

College and career preparation for students require that middle and high schools create and sustain robust programs of study. These programs must meet and exceed the knowledge and skill expectations of employers and postsecondary institutions for our global economy. Secondary schools must provide a continuum of supports to ensure that students develop a master of content, and are apply to apply these skills in the world of work. Common Core State Standards enable states to meet high expectations around curricular content standards.  The ILLLWI believes this work is accomplished in a variety of ways, through early career exploration, college and/or career planning, and intensive professional development.

Special Keys to Success for Students:

Keep track of your high school courses and credits — be sure you have what you need to graduate

Organize your test scores, awards and honors, and personal interests

Research schools to find the best fit for you

Manage and track your applications online

Research and apply for financial aid

Plan for your career

We organize our work in three primary focus areas:

Goals and Expectations for College and Career Readiness

Pathways and Supports for College and Career Preparation

Outcomes and Measures for College and Career Success