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The Institute’s Approach

Our mission
The Institute for Life-Long Learning & Workforce Innovation, Inc. (“The Institute”) provides all the tools necessary to effectively build or enhance programs, services, and project outcomes through expert design and implementation. With a team of community coordinators each program is based on research-based practices. Our programs are successful and provide high-impact results that leave a lasting impression for urban communities.

Our approach
The Institute for Life-Long Learning & Workforce Innovation, Inc. utilize community coordinators who posses a wealth of experience and knowledge to create and deliver premium educational and consulting experiences by connecting planning to outcomes. We develop interpersonal relationships that are focused toward a common goal of improving urban communities.

Meeting community needs through personalized service
The Institute listens to the needs of urban communities and we provide insight into current and new ideas about the improved outcomes for urban communities. We strategize around the logic model so that we provide value-added outcomes for projects and programs.  We view our program participants as full partners in the success of the urban communities. The logic model assesses inputs, outputs, and evaluates programs and services.

Making the connection
Our strengths lie in our ability to combine innovation, creativity, and strategic alliances to deliver  comprehensive programs and services to urban communities. People make communities and our commitment is to insure that communities are vibrant and thriving. Through a concerted effort community revitalization efforts will improve the quality of life indicators for urban communities locally and nationwide. We don’t succeed unless we all succeed.

The Institute has established itself as the industry leader in assisting urban communities to accomplish goals by exceeding expectations time and time again. Value-added programs and services insure that we begin each project with the end in the mind. We desire everyone to be happy, healthy, and productive. Deliverables are measurable and and are visually evident in all that we do.

In Focus
Stay connected with the latest news that affect urban communities. The “In Focus” section features social, political, and economic events that shape our important work in urban communities.