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Workforce Development

“Innovation & Results”

Workers who were skilled with their hands and could reliably work in repetitive and sometimes physically demanding jobs were the engine of the old economy. In today’s New Economy, knowledge-based jobs are driving prosperity…jobs held by individuals with at least two years of college.- 2007 State New Economy Index

The harsh fact is that we have a crisis today in America. Currently one out of three children are not graduating from high school. The competitiveness of our workforce has significantly declined, and the quality of life indicators have been challenged for many subgroups. It is time to act both purposefully and strategically to enact change.

A large number of adults need educational services to be prepared for college and the workforce training environment that our multi-national economy requires and demands. ┬áThe National Commission on Adult Literacy found that our literacy levels are significantly inadequate. On average an American functions at an 8th grade readership level. ILLLWI is dedicated to providing the resources needed to keep that competitive edge within the nation’s workforce. ILLLWI views the Washington DC Metropolitan area as a premier venue in promoting knowledge-based growth and development.

Education drives the economy and now a decade into the 21st Century, America faces a choice: We can invest in the basic education and skills of our workforce and remain competitive in today’s global economy, or we can continue to overlook glaring evidence of a national crisis and move further down the path to decline. Workforce Education requires a┬ástrong, bold leadership from federal and state government, a call to challenge business leaders, philanthropy, and the nonprofit sector to become major partners of the solution. Here at the ILLLWI we embrace that challenge and willingly collaborate with a myriad of stakeholders to improve the functionality of the workforce.